What We Do

Message Development

Ads are the end product of message development, not the beginning. The groundwork for ads is laid down long before the first script is written. We work with a campaign to develop a message that genuinely reflects who each candidate is and what he or she believes.

TV and Radio Advertising

From script writing, directing and producing the film shoots, to editing the final product, we take ads from ideas to reality. We will never hire an outsider or freelancer to direct our shoots. A principal partner will always direct the spots for our clients.

Crisis and Strategic Communication

Because we have so much experience in all aspects of campaigns, we know how important it is to deal with problems quickly. We're available 24/7 to help campaigns deal with problems before they become crises. We're political strategists as well as ad makers and we advise campaigns every step of the way, whatever the issue.

Internet Strategy

Every day the internet becomes more important in our daily lives, especially in political campaigns. We are committed to improving the use of the internet in campaigns through the use of video and by integrating the web operation into the overall structure and message operation of campaigns.

Media Placement

We work closely with Media Strategies & Research to buy time as efficiently and smartly as possible, giving our campaigns the best bang for the buck as possible.

Media Training and Speechwriting

We often provide training for candidates to get them more comfortable in front of a camera, giving a speech or answering media questions. We also often write stump speeches and/or announcement speeches, incorporating the campaign message and ensuring consistency with other aspects of the campaign, including paid advertising.

Debate Preparation

Rarely do campaigns win an election in a debate, but many campaigns have lost elections in debates. We coach candidates on debate strategy and often lead debate prep for our campaigns.