How Clash Royale game addicted the players

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Clash of Royale is a game, that having theme, style, characteristics of Clash of Clans in different way. There is no availability of popular mobile phone games in the period of clash of clans which is so quickly changed. But clash royale overcome that strategy to improve its level and has become No.1 in U.S. Not only on the top download charts but also on the top-grossing list on iOS App store.

The game can be simply described as a four minutes emotional rollercoaster packed onto your mobile phone. It is a game that extremely very easy to pickup to play and easy to quit.

The play field is divided into 2 sides and each team needs to defense their own tower form the opposite players. Both the players also started with two addition towers which help to defend their castle to attack the opposite building by launching the proper defense. The game is won, when one player destroy the castle of opposite player, or when the time is run out, which gives the win to player who has destroyed the most of the buildings. If two players are equal at that time, the clock will extended for some period and the match may be become to draw.

How does it want me to spend money? 

Using of coins the player can buy the specific cards from the shop and are required when you go to level up your troops. Premium currency is used to purchase the treasure chests from the shop and can speed up the unlocking process of chests. For every win in clash royale, you will earn the treasure chests.  Even though Clash Royale has many features and it also has some problem. What is mean, the hacking is there in clash royale. If you win lot of currency in those games, it will be used by other players through clash royale hack apk.

How it becomes the best mobile games of 2016 list?

If you play mobile games, you have probably heard of Clash of Royale, because it is the most popular game in iOS and android development games. It provides the challenge to all age people until it matches the equal level. That is the reason for why clash royale become the best mobile game of 2016 list.

It has many features such as, micro transaction, sometime you have feel like you lost the game because someone spent more money compared to you. It is extremely competitive game and you need to complete the each level with lots of struggles.

Social hook will keep encourage you to play this game and while playing the game you never openly communicated with other users. In clash of clans, you can make your own troops to destroy the opponent. In Clash of Royale game you will get limitless troops to protect your tower. Like that manner it has many features which is very useful to players and it creates the motivation and encourage to the players.

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